Welcome Back to School Guide- Lacrosse Version

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Welcome back to school. I know most people dread having to listen to professors ramble about syllabi and introductory lectures but on the bright side, fall ball begins! As I am nearly 2 years removed from playing lacrosse in college, I will guide you through 3 concerns you may have to return to campus or just stepping in school for the first time as a freshman.

Concern #1) “I hate going to school, I came here just to play lacrosse.”

Based off of experience, this is the main concern for 75 percent of athletes coming back to school. No one wants to sit in a classroom and have to listen to someone lecture on a topic that you do not care about. I didn’t.
You have to remember you’re at school to get an education first before playing lacrosse. You are only guaranteed lacrosse for a finite amount of years. You need to capitalize on getting a quality education that will prepare you for the real world.
Go to class. If you don’t have the grades you don’t play. End of story.

Concern #2) “I haven’t worked out all summer, I going to fail all of our physical fitness tests.”

Well, that is on you bud. It is your responsibility to be an athlete and use the off season to prepare yourself for the rigors of the season that are to come and improve your performance the previous year.
Your best bet is to work out and shock your body to the point that you won’t be sore after you begin team workouts and tests.
The best way to get yourself on the bench during the spring is not being physically fit. Fall Ball is the time of year where the depth charts are created and a dumb reason for getting a lower ranking in your position is because you can’t run.

Concern #3) “I haven’t touched my stick all summer.”

Again, this one is on you. Especially if you planned on not coming to school in shape. The LEAST thing you could’ve done was have a few catches or shooting sessions. Having a good stick is your saving grace if you are fat and out of shape.
For those who are conditioned but lack stick skills, shame on you. That is the fastest way to end up as a defensive midfielder, believe me.

The conclusion is your first few weeks on campus for fall ball is all about your mentality. It is only you who knows what work you have done and where you want to go in life. The best thing you can do is check your ego at the door, get some work done and kick some ass on the field.

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