Washed Up Lax is gearing up for the 2018 Summer Lacrosse Circuit!

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Washed Up Lax is Gearing Up For the 2018 Summer Lacrosse Circuit!

Washed Up is coming back in 2018 for summer lacrosse.
Washed Up Lacrosse is coming back summer of 2018.

After a long time contemplating whether to go through another summer of wear & tear and lofty expectations, it has been decided….Washed Up Lacrosse is coming back for another season of summer lacrosse in 2018!

I was seriously thinking about hanging it up. I thought my body wasn’t going to perform the way it used to. The fresh wave of post collegiate talent are going to be extreme hardos. Would I be able to keep up? The excuse train started to pull into the station. However, I dusted off the stick this weekend and stretched out the legs on some dodges and I felt really good.

So I’m putting all the excuses in the spam folder and we’re doing this. We’re working on the designing the summer uniform kit and should have that going in the next few weeks.

Now, here’s the plan…


We’re going to play in ULAX Long Island and the CityLax Southampton Shootout.


ULAX leagues typically have 7 games not including playoffs. Playoffs are an additional 2 games and using my 2nd grade level math skills that equals 9 games for $125. Games are usually Sunday nights and with NFL football not in season, our schedules should be clear.

The CityLax Southampton Shootout is always a great time. It is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. 3 games over the course of the day at Southampton High School where there isn’t a whiff of shade in a 3 mile radius. Hydration is the key to surviving it. The competition is always great because you have your hardo division (“A”) and your narp division (“B”). What division we’ll play in? We’re not sure yet. CityLax always does a great job with running the tournament so I am not worried about that.

So potentially 12 games this summer? Cue in Owen Wilson. “Wow”.

So for now, I’ll be getting ready. I have a couple of alumni games coming up. I’ll see if I still got it.

If you are new to Washed Up Lacrosse and want to be considered for joining the team, please click this link and fill out this form. (http://_info.washeduplax.com/washed-up-lax-2018-signup/)


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