The Top 5 Lacrosse Videos On YouTube.

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We’ve all been there. This is the best time of year. The college lacrosse season has just started but you’re in high school and you still have to wait three months until your turn. You’re sitting in your computer design class 3rd period just anxiously waiting until Wednesday night for your high school’s indoor practice season. Instead of wasting your time learning photoshop, why don’t you go to YouTube and watch lax videos like I did!

This was a critical time in my development which definitely made me a better player. Being able to watch and emulate players you’ve seen helped me improve my game by leaps and bounds. It is not the same as actually going to real life game which I highly recommend if you are trying to improve your lacrosse IQ but watching your favorite players on youtube and trying out their moves in the backyard then adding your own twist to them can really benefit you.

Now here are 5 of my favorite videos on Youtube, that failed to get me pumped for lacrosse season.

1.College Lacrosse 2009

Ahh, great memories of high school. I used to watch this video before every game. 2009 was probably the best year for college lacrosse. It featured the sickest National Championship in history with Syracuse scoring on a buzz beater then winning in over time. This video gets to me. Who is the hero? I loved the highlights of some of the sickest time and room shots probably on YouTube. The clip of Duke Attackman Max Quinzani ripping cheddar still to this day gives me goosebumps. JL Productions made a whole bunch of these season compilation videos before it was even a thing. He was a legend and I always looked forward to his content. This video is also a relic because it shows how much the game has changed in the last few years. You don’t see plays like these being made anymore.

2. Salisbury v Stevenson – Round 1

What makes this video great is the “Game of Inches” speech from Any Given Sunday. As cliche as it sounds, Lacrosse is also a game of inches. I love how this video captures it. So the video starts off with Salisbury getting absolutely steam-rolled by Stevenson. Unforced errors, Jimmy Dailey putting kids on ice skates behind the net. Where does it stop? Stevenson beating Salisbury on a back up to the end line. Momentum is with the Mustangs. Then all of out the blue, Salisbury get their shit together right after the speech ends and starts the beat down. This was a great video and got me hyped to play lacrosse.

3.Paul Rabil Highlights

Now, this was before Paul Rabil was a loser. He was an absolute animal in college. This video by Uhawk honestly taught me how to dodge. I spend time trying to mimick the same moves Rabil did. This video taught me to dodge down the alley with my head up either seeking a shot or drawing a slide for a quick pass to the crease. This mindset helped me have a successful high school career as 85% of the points I scored in high school came down the alley to a shot or a dish to the crease. But at one point of every older lacrosse players career, they looked up to Paul Rabil. I did. Now I just get disappointed seeing who he has become.

4.Inside the 2014 Johns Hopkins Men’s Lacrosse Season

This video really got me going during my college career. I always looked for these types of videos to compare what I was going through to other programs across the country spanning different levels. This is probably one of the best behind the scenes video on YouTube specifically this episode. The part that hits the heartstrings is the pre-game rituals and pump up speech coach Dave Petromala gave then starting defenseman Jack O’Reilly before the game. That speech even made me want to run through a wall. Being called out, in my opinion, is never a good thing, but being called out in front of your team and being told that they believe in you must be a humbling experience and would’ve given me the drive to play that much better to not let my brothers down.

5.Inside the Rivalry: Army vs Navy

Another great behind the scenes video. It brings us the true experience of one of the best rivalry in sports and how much it means to them. Coach Sowell is a great coach. He never raises his voice and seems to always in control of the situation. His record of success doesn’t reflect his coaching ability. I liked him when he was at Stony Brook. Definitely a guy I would’ve loved to play for. The best scene in this video is the pre-game “Wolf of Wall Street Chant” preceded by a speech from one of the captains saying how much he loves all the guys around him. Lacrosse is a unique school, these bonds you create during I believe cannot be replicated in too many other sports.

If you need another motivator for the start of lacrosse season, be sure to check out our blog entry grading the top college lacrosse warmup tapes from the 2017 season.

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