Our Story

Our story begins with a group of friends with a passion of playing lacrosse. We weren’t very good but we did everything in our power to practice to become better and sought every opportunity to play (even if it meant playing on sheets of ice or painting lacrosse lines on a random field in 90 degree heat).

Eventually, we all went our separate ways playing and excelling on numerous levels of collegiate play (NCAA-D2, NCAA-D3, NCJAA). Close tabs were kept on each other and schedules were scanned for that one date where we would be competing against each other. Our passion for the game grew in college which was now shared with 40 to 50 of our new teammates, each bringing their own reasons for loving the game and we developed friendships that will last a life time.

Every summer, our original group of friends would meet up and field a team for a local summer league. Our squad was a showcase of what we have learned through our year of playing away from each other and gave us an opportunity to rekindle chemistry amongst us that brought us back to high school. We had initial success, winning and qualifying for summer league playoffs every year. However, our small circle seems to get smaller and smaller every year as more and more of the people we know are beginning to hang up the cleats.

Our core group now is one or two years removed from their last game in college. We traded in picking up our lacrosse sticks for creating spreadsheets, designing websites or saving people lives. We’ve watched our 6-minute mile times deminish to a leisurely 8:30 pace. Full field sprints preparing for the upcoming season has now become an afterthought and form rollers after workouts have become a necessity. The only thing that hasn’t died is our will to play the game that we grew up to love.