Washed Up Lacrosse | Mid-Season College Lacrosse Report

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Washed Up Lacrosse | Mid- Season College Lacrosse Report

So we’re at the halfway point of the season. Lacrosse games all over the United States have still been threatened by snow. It’s freaking April. Mother nature get a grip! Remember the Washed Up Season Predictions ? I said I was not a fortune teller. If my prediction of division 1 lacrosse season means anything, I really should play the lottery. Here is the NCAA Mid-Season Lacrosse Report powered by Washed Up Lacrosse.

Division One Lacrosse Report


So I picked the University of Maryland to win the NCAA championship again. I also picked the University of Albany Great Danes as my sleeper pick. As of April 5th, 2018 guess who is ranked 1 and 2 according to the NCAA.com?

At number one there’s the Albany Great Danes. This might be their year. In previous seasons, they had stud lacrosse players on the offensive side of the ball that carried them into the playoffs. Connor Fields is a freaking animal. He is undersized for a division one attackmen by yet absolutely takes over games. He is knocking on the door for breaking the NCAA points record. Will he accomplish this? With the bulk of the America East schedule remaining and the NCAA playoffs, he has a shot.

TD Ierlan facing off has been outstanding. His winning percentage is nearly 90%. That means 9 of 10 face offs he is getting the ball. He is also skilled enough to take the ball to the rack and shove it down your throat.

The Albany defense also has been really solid this year. All is pointing to an easy walk to the NCAA playoffs as the America East Conference has been a bit of a cup cake conference since the demise of the Stony Brook Lacrosse Program.

At number two is the Maryland Terrapins. They were the only team so far to even challenge the Albany Great Danes. There isn’t really anyone taking over games for Maryland which hasn’t been the norm in Baltimore in recent seasons. Everyone is pulling there weight equally on offense and defense which means that Coach John Tillman is doing a great job of adjusting and implementing his philosophies and the players are buying in.

I still can’t get over how good the Maryland defense is. They were the only team so far to hold the so called “Freshman Phenon” Tenoka Tanicoke to really nothing. They hit him so hard on one dodge that he went down, sulked like a little freshman would on the turf. There is nothing special about the kid. He has amazing stick skills and size but he is soft as pillows and doesn’t like to get hit and the Maryland defense exploited that.

Maryland has to stand the test of the Big10 conference but they’ll be ready come tournament time.

Challengers: As it stands right now, Yale and Denver are also going to be knocking on the door for final four weekend.

Division Two Lacrosse Report


What a year it has been in Division Two. Every week it seems there has been an upset. That’s why division two lacrosse should get more coverage that it receives today. The volatility of the division has been unseen in recently years which schools that have been referred as nobodies making moves and well known programs ending games with their tales between their legs.

So what are the big stories in division 2?


Lemoyne – They are the only team that remains undefeated as of today. They took the first battle in the long war which can be the called NE-10 conference. They defeated the Merrimack Warriors the first time. It is extremely difficult beating a good team twice and then a third time in the NCAA playoffs. Barring a total disaster of a stretch run for the Dolphins, I expect to see them in the NCAA Div-2 Championship on Memorial Day Weekend.

Merrimack – You can never sleep on the Warriors. They are a well coached and tenacious program. Coach Mike Morgan will have the squad ready for the eventual rematch with the Lemoyne Dolphins.

Lenior Rhyne – Who the hell are these guys? I honestly don’t know much about this program. I understand they play in the up and down SAC Conference. With Wingate and Queens having off years, I expect them to steamroll to the conference championship and secure an NCAA Bid. Now here is how you test if this is a good program or this year is a fluke. Can they beat a good team twice? We’ll find out.

Limestone – I would’ve loved to bash Limestone as much as I could about their year. They’re gutless. The team consistency rode the shoulders of a couple of good players that got them their rings. Now the ring chasers have to step up to the plate and so far in 2018 they haven’t. With losses to superior teams, what is going on in Gaffney, South Carolina. They have a relatively soft conference schedule which means they’ll probably win out. Will it be enough to get into the NCAA tournament. Again, we’ll have to see.

Division Three Lacrosse Report


Again, I don’t really follow Division 3 lacrosse too much to give an analysis of what is going on. RIT is so far securing the top spot with Tufts and York knocking on the door. Look to whoever wins the NESCAC conference to make moves during NCAA tournament time.

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